Updated on 29 June, 2015

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Bluebell Photo

bluebell photoBluebell, Hyacinhoides non-scripta.

Short hairless carpenting perennial.
Leaves: linear, keeled, with a hooded tip, all basal.
Flowers: azure blue, occasionally white, elongated bell-shaped, fragrant, in a long one-sided spike, drooping at the tip; anthers creamy.
Fruit: egg shaped, seeds black.
Habitat: Woods, scrub, hedge-banks, also on sea cliffs and mountains.

Description from: Fitter, R., Fitter, A., and Blamey, M., 1996. Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe. Collins Pocket Guide.

Photo: Tricia Alderson

Plant Description

bluebell description

Dichotomous Key

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